Nationals Weekend Recap

by Spencer De Wolfe

After a busy weekend which included 3 games in 3 nights the Nationals we’re able to grab 4 out of the 6 points! Nationals offence was buzzing Friday night with a home win over the visiting London Lakers and the scoring continued into Saturday as the Nationals defeated the Northumberland Stars! Yesterday the Nationals ran into a determined Kingsville Kings who skated away with the win tieing the season series at 1-1! The Nationals will now get some rest before practice this week as we head into another 3 games in 3 nights! Check out our upcoming weekend below⬇️

 Friday Away in Tillsonburg 7:30
 Saturday Away in Windsor 7:30
 Sunday HOME vs Oshawa 6:30

 NOTL fans make sure to come out Sunday night and make some noise! Exciting news to follow later this week!

Weekend Box Scores

NOTL Nationals(11) vs London Lakers(3)

Kaleb Perez- Win; 13 Shots- 10 Saves-3GA-60:00

Mikhail Frolov(3G-4A), Ilja Cetvertak(2G-5A), Antoine Michaud(4G), Davis Schmidt(4A), Bailey Pritchard(1G-2A), Caleb Mussat(3A), Trevor Lord(1G),Jarrett Kirkup(1A),Dallas Loiselle(1A), Justin Whetham(1A), Harrison Exelby(1A)

NOTL Nationals(8) vs Northumberland Stars(3)

Iskander Shamsiev- Win; 45 Shots-42 Saves-3GA-60:00

Cetvertak(1G-3A),Mussat(1G-2A), Nick Elia(2G), Michaud(1G-1A), Bailey Sowrey(1G-1A),Loiselle(2A),Pritchard(2A), Frolov(1G), Whetham(1G), Schmidt(1A), Kirkup(1A), Ryan Nicks(1A) 

NOTL Nationals(4) vs Kingsville Kings(8)

Casim Shaikh- Loss; 14 Shots-10 Saves-4GA-20:00

Iskander Shamsiev; 23 Shots-19 Saves-4GA-40:00

Frolov(2G), Michaud(2A), Whetham(2A), Sowrey(1G), Trentin Dixon(1G),Loiselle(1A),Elia(1A),Lord(1)